In today’s lingerie fashion, a chemise is a provocative and very delicate women’s garment that is often made of sheer fabric, such as nylon, chiffon, silk, satin or lace. Chemises are generally sleeveless undergarments with a wide line, short like a minidress and not fitted at the waist. A petticoat is very comfortable since it has no zippers or buttons or other types of closures, but is just an over-the-head slip.

History of Chemise

The garment is not new to the world as it has existed since the Middle Ages in Europe. It initially began as a Roman ‘tunic’. It was used more as an undergarment worn under their robes or dresses. It was definitely an undergarment until the 18th century and also the only type of underwear used by women until the late 1820s, i.e. the Regency period. Being an everyday item of clothing, it was regularly washed and used. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century was the petticoat replaced as an underwear petticoat that enhanced the figure as bras, panties, petticoats and girdles. In the past, shirts were sewn at home by ladies. Some wealthy women wore bulky shirts made of smooth, fine linen.

The word ‘shirt‘means’ shirt’ in French. In the Middle Ages it was commonly worn by men and women to protect themselves from the cold. It was worn close to the skin. It was once also called “shirt” or “shift”. In the southern 19th century United States, it was colloquially known as “shimmy”. Since in medieval times it was not customary to bathe every day, the petticoat was the undergarment that would absorb body oils or dirt and was much easier to wash and wear regularly than heavy decorated outer garments.

Chemise Lingerie

In the modern world, however, the petticoat has become a favorite undergarment, thanks to its versatility. It can be worn not only as lingerie, but also as seductive pajamas or as a top over tight pants or leggings. Shirts are made to look very sexy and to accentuate the curvy nature of a woman’s body. Silks and satins and sheer nylons in beautiful colors with lace trim make the chemise lingerie very attractive and desirable. Fashion designers took the plunge and became famous by focusing on designing sexy chemise lingerie and sleepwear.

Although the chemise is still used as a petticoat worn under a dress, in the latest trends it is more commonly used as a sleepwear or as an erotic and sensual piece of lingerie. A petticoat made of sheer or sheer lace also looks good and very trendy when worn over a plain top or bra as club or party wear. A huge variety of different styles, materials and colors is why every woman should have more chemises in her lingerie collection. When used as a nightgown, a chemise can be a full-length garment or a short but loose-fitting garment.

The difference between chemise and babydoll

The petticoat is similar to the babydoll, but it is not the same. A babydoll typically falls loosely from the chest down to just above the hips, thus exposing a woman’s panties and buttocks. The petticoat, on the other hand, is closer to the body and extends over the butt area, similar to a minidress.

Unlike the babydoll which often has decorative ribbons attached to a bra panty, a petticoat can be a simpler and simpler, yet very sexy piece of clothing.

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