They don’t need to have this fate. With a little skill and inspiration, you can turn the simplest clothes into trendy affirmations and give them new life. Don’t worry if you’re not the DIY type or if you don’t have a lot of supplies around the house. These ideas are simpler than you think!

If you can use a sewing machine

The more you know how to sew, the more options you have when it comes to renovating old clothing. Plus, the end result will look a little more polished than if you had to use just scissors, needle and thread. Here are some simple ideas you can apply even with minimal sewing knowledge:

Do you find the collar of a blouse unflattering? It’s easy to fix! You can easily transform a bateau neckline into a V shape or a turtleneck into a crewneck!

If you have a dress that you love, but that doesn’t fit you well at the bottom, you can cut that part and turn it into a blouse. The same trick can be applied if the dress has a stain that you cannot remove or if you have burnt it with an iron.

Although they have less fabric, the shorts are the same price as regular pants. Find a pair you no longer wear and cut it to get a free pair of shorts! The advantage of using this method is that you can get exactly the length you want.

Use the embroidery technique to apply unique shapes on basic shirts

Sew some lace into the ends of the sleeves for a feminine boho effect.

Instead of buying a new bathing suit, you can cut an old shirt.

Cut the back of the shirts to create interesting patterns using the beads

No sewing required

If you don’t own a sewing machine or just don’t want to put in a lot of effort updating old clothes, these no-sew techniques are for you.

Worn jeans are very popular, but no one wants to spend more than $ 50 on a pair of jeans that are missing most of the fabric. You can make your own worn jeans by rubbing the fabric with sandpaper or pumice. That way, even your most worn-out favorite pair of jeans can live on for at least one more season.

· Wear ribbons. Find cute ribbon patterns online, and instead of using them to wrap gifts, use them to makeover your clothes. You can attach them to the shoulders of blouses or you can wear a longer strand of ribbon as a belt to shape a straight, oversized dress.

The trend of worn out clothing is bigger than ever. Just like you did with worn jeans, you can make your own ripped shirt by making holes in it. If you don’t like the look of skin that shines through, another idea would be to take a great men’s bandeau shirt and cut the neck and sleeves to create a muscle top.

· Draw patterns using lace. Take a piece of lace (even from a curtain, if you don’t mind the damage) and apply it over a piece of clothing that you want to makeover. Then, using a waterproof marker or special clothing paint, color the lace. This will create a unique pattern that resists the washing machine cycle.

Do you like the cool shoulder trend, but aren’t convinced you need to break your capsule wardrobe rules for a new top? Then make your own by taking a basic t-shirt or floating blouse and slashing the shoulders!

Everyone has a top that looks good but needs a little more to shine. Enter the statement necklace. For this project, you will only need a statement necklace and some glue. The next time you go out to the club, you’ll save a few minutes searching for accessories.

Buttons may be small, but they can make a huge difference to your outfit. To add a fresh touch to an old jacket, remove the old buttons and replace them with new ones. For example, you can add heavy gold buttons to create a powerful military look.

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