Knowing how to fail completely and still succeed is the greatest gift existence has to offer. You may or may not agree with me, but the annals of objective reality certainly are. “Lucky Drifting into Success” or succeeding the first time without effort is the game of the real devil of life: that devil apparently comes in many forms, but he is a devil unified by the very concept of luck, especially luck at the beginning, “stupid luck “and” it happened “.

In fact, without skill, permanent and repeatable success won’t happen. To depend on luck genuinely, however justified is gambling in the most genuine sense.

So, let me say this: all the addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, addictions, fearful theft and all that is negative in life comes down to looking for the genuinely undeserved “thrill” or “high” of laziness. ” that works “or success with the lack of skill and earned commitment. Hence, the greatest gift in existence is the understanding, skill, and ability not to drift or completely depend on luck without the skills gained.

The biggest loss, therefore, is being too lazy to develop the necessary skill and competence that comes with earned, consistent, and realistic effort.

We all want “the prize”, but are we willing to do the work of making the “prize” permanent instead of depending on luck and genuine gambling on a temporary success at first or a one-time thing? Always, that question haunts my mind about Reality Mastery. I always think of the preparation that constantly requires permanent mastery and the skill it would take to live a competent eternity in reality.

The worst words that can be said, therefore, in my book are: “I’m willing to bet on it.” I prefer the reality of the skill of certainty to gambling or to spin it a certain way could go an old Billie Holliday song: “God bless the child who has the of him.” What I think a person with their own might be a fully developed skill for making money rather than depending on luck, gambling, drifting wins and chance. “It happened that it happened” is still not a good excuse, whether it succeeds or not. “It just happened” is one of the definitive excuses for drifting, gambling, luck and failing to succeed. To go further, develop skills, certainty and above all do the work, pay the dues and become really good! The only way to go if you want to win, truly.

Handcrafted by Artists

There are so many scam websites out there that “sell” reborns dolls and countless other stores such as eBay and Amazon, that sell illegal copies of sculpts. DO NOT buy these! If you love reborns and want to continue to see these works of art, you need to purchase direct from trusted artists and ensure they are authentic kits!

When you purchase a reborn from Best Reborns, you will always be purchasing an authentic sculpt sourced from trusted dealers only. In doing so, we are supporting the very talented sculptors who make it possible for reborn artists, like us, to create these works of art, that you love so much.

Support our industry, sculptors and artist, by only buying authentic.

Make With Love

Best Reborns® is a mom-owned and operated, eco inspired and environmentally responsible reborn dolls store. Our mission is to keep our little ones safe and happy while supporting our sustainable fingerprint on the planet.

The whole philosophy of BestReborns is that through lifelike silicone reborn dolls, children and grown-ups can live a life full of love.

Children are gifts to the world, their spirits are filled with innocence and happiness, and all grown-ups were once children. BestReborns always represents pure love.

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