From childhood to adulthood, the knowledge we acquire or the experiences we have in our life only help us discover our outer personality and bring us closer to the material things of this world. At the same time, we sometimes get depressed or fall into a low self-esteem problem. Spiritual affirmations help us get out of these problems. Spiritual affirmations guide us to a happy and fulfilling life with a peaceful mind.

Affirmations are a judgment we pass on or any thoughts we have. A statement is directly related to our subconsciousness. Affirmations can be negative or positive which can guide our subconscious actions towards a successful life or towards failure.

Spiritual affirmations are a form of meditation which, if mediated often, have desirable results. For example, if a person has a lack of confidence or self-esteem issues, sit in a quiet and peaceful place with some spiritual affirmations in your mind, let the emotions flow towards you, and start saying the spiritual affirmations aloud: “I believe in myself” or ‘My inner self will always guide me to the right path with decisions that are beneficial to me and others’.

The key behind spiritual affirmations is to let go of all your negative thoughts and fully trust yourself. Instead of thinking ‘This project is too difficult for me’, try thinking ‘I am capable of anything and obstacles do not affect me or my work’. Once you adopt this type of spiritual affirmation, you will notice a positive and healthy change in your life.

The best way to perform the spiritual affirmation technique is to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, sit in a peaceful and quiet place, relax and visualize any positive spiritual affirmations as “My mind is at peace now”. At the same time, try to use simple words and phrases that can be easily interpreted by our mind and the mind can easily accept that it is true.

Spiritual affirmations not only help achieve a peaceful mind and happy life, but also help us to draw closer to God. Remember God and His blessings as much as possible while using the spiritual affirmation technique. For example “I let my renewed soul thank God for his blessings” or “I release my old self and reborn with a new pure soul ‘. The most acceptable and commonly used word in the spiritual statement is ‘Amen’ which means ‘so be it’. While some of us use it to end our prayer, it can be used for spiritual affirmation.

For a positive result, the spiritual affirmation must be repeated many times for effectiveness. Write down any positive thoughts you receive, perhaps in a journal, on a piece of paper, or in any way that suits you. Examine them every day to get your mind to fully accept these thoughts. Preferably review them twice a day. Initially during the spiritual affirmation technique we will also have negative thoughts. Also write down these thoughts and at the end of the day review them and try to replace them with something more positive. Once you perform this spiritual affirmation technique regularly, you will find a positive change in yourself with a renewed spirit.

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