How do you identify sexy lingerie from, say, everyday lingerie? While many women find strength, confidence, and a sense of identity by wearing sexy lingerie all the time, for the most part sexy underwear is reserved for special occasions when more revealing lingerie styles are desired. In another article, I provide a better understanding of sexy lingerie and how sexy underwear is different. The purpose of this article is to discuss and showcase specific styles of sexy lingerie.

Bras – Purely functional everyday women’s sexy bra and bra styles

Sales of women’s bras account for over 50% of all lingerie and intimate apparel sales. First of all, the bra was designed as a functional garment to support the breasts. Many innovations for more comfortable and improved support have been introduced over the years, such as underwire (and no underwire) support and textile innovations such as spandex and microfiber. In general, an everyday functional bra is comfortable and provides no-nonsense support, like a full cup and full coverage bra.

Sexy bras on the other hand can provide support; however, function isn’t necessarily the first consideration when designing sexier bras. The shelf bra, for example, provides little support, however it is among the top sellers of sexy bra styles. The push-up bra is another more sensual type of bra because it lifts the breasts, creating the look of greater fullness and cleavage.

While shelf and open toe bras are at the sexiest end of the range, a plethora of less daring bras, however, sensual bra styles exist such as the plunging bra, cut much lower in the front to reveal more cleavage. ; the backless bra to reveal the back more; and the strapless bra to show more shoulders. Essentially, sexy bras reveal more of a woman’s bust, back and shoulders, both with their design and cut and with the fabrics they are made of, such as sheer and sheer materials.

Sexy panties, thongs and g-strings versus women’s panties and briefs

The term “granny panties” refers to old, gray, unattractive underwear that your mother’s mother would have worn. You know, the large full-coverage cotton briefs in shades of beige and nude. Grandma’s panties only serve the purpose of the function, which is to provide a lining between the body and clothing to prevent rubbing of the most sensitive areas of the body and to minimize dirt on clothing.

Sexy panties, on the other hand, offer similar benefits, yet are designed with more style, including bright colors, lace, sheer fabrics, and other sensual means of adornment. While the panty and panty provide full back coverage for more modest women, thongs, French thongs, and g-strings reveal more of the woman’s buttocks, hips and front. Sales of sexiest thongs have far outstripped sales of panties and panties over the past decade, as younger generations feel more comfortable and self-confident in the minimal fabric and coverage provided by waisted thong and thong low, like those made by Hanky ​​Panky, advertised as “the most comfortable thong in the world”.

Sexy sleepwear and traditional sleepwear

The variety of sleepwear available to women is huge. In addition to the traditional long cotton shirts and night dresses, women often choose the less appealing, however, comfortable men’s t-shirts and boxers or shorts. Sexy sleepwear differs from other forms of evening wear in that they reveal more of the woman’s body.

The sexiest nightwear is designed with shorter hems, plunging necklines, side slits and backless design. Sheer, sheer and hugging and snug fabrics provide added appeal by showing more curves and features of a woman. Shorter and more revealing negligee styles include the baby doll and petticoat.

Bodystocking, jumpsuits and teddy bears

Many men and women find hosiery leotards and stockings to be extremely sexy, as they cover the woman from head to toe with a sensual, often sheer or translucent tight fabric to reveal all the beauty a woman has to offer. The sexiest body stockings are made with sheer and mesh fabrics and have an open crotch, thong on the back and / or an open bust.

Teddy bears are a form of leotard with legs and sleeveless, covering only the torso. While some teddy bears have sleeves for style and charm, most teddy bears don’t. Like body stockings, teddy bears are typically designed with a thong on the back to reveal more glutes and are available with snap closure and crotchless styles.

Although there are many forms of sexy lingerie, the main differentiator between sexier underwear and common everyday lingerie styles is the amount of body that is exposed, whatever medium can be used, including sheer and sheer fabrics, stretchy materials that they hug and snug, and more skimpy styles that have a lower cut (or, for that matter, a cut higher below the waist) and use less fabric.

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