This year, as you’re getting ready for Halloween, do you know which costumes will be red-hot for women? I’ve put together a list of what I think will be the most popular and eye-catching costumes for women this year at Halloween 2009.

7. First year costumes – Why it’s hot – Roman society and Jack Black will be in fashion this summer, I predict. Searches for toga costumes are already on the rise, due to publicity for the film.

What’s available: Roman goddess dresses with flowing white dresses and gladiator sandals (think goddess Athena costume). The Toga costumes are back and not just for the costumes of the brotherhoods.

6. X-Men Superhero Costumes – Why It’s Hot – X-Men prequel Wolverine will rekindle the popularity of old X-Men costumes like Storm and Phoenix, but a new X-Men female has also emerged, Kayla Silverfox, who has healing powers like Logan and plays a central theme in her storyline.

What’s available – The Storm and Phoenix costumes are the red and white lycra dresses featuring Storm with white cape and hair. Kayla Silverfox’s costume can only be a lace-up Indian style peasant shirt in black with black pants.

5. Star Trek Costumes – Why It’s Hot – Here’s another prequel to the movie that brings back old costumes. This is the original version of the Star Trek costume (the one from the 60s) and redone to be a little more elegant and sexy ..

What’s available – Long sleeve yellow and blue lycra t-shirt, lycra t-shirts and pants will be in fashion, Lieutenant Uhura’s short mini skirt is hot hot hot. He thinks of the red go go girl’s mini dress from the 60s.

4. Inglourious Basterds Costumes – Why It’s Hot – Bringing back the glamor and action of the 1940s will make the release of this movie a success. Quentin and Brad couldn’t make a bad movie together. They might?

What’s available – Glamor, glamor glamor. The women wore short dresses with flowing skirts and blazers with pinched waist belts. Large feathered hats were all the rage. Long glamorous evening dresses with short feather jackets and long silver mouthpieces.

3. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Costumes – Because it’s hot – GI Joe coming out this summer is quite different from the comic version and the doll version. Cobra costumes are skin-tight leather suits.

What’s available – No costume has been released for this blockbuster, what I predict will be. Keep an eye out for the biker leather suits and their vinyl copies for Halloween

2. Public Enemy Costumes – Because It’s Hot – Johnny Depp is about to make the 1930s fab again with the release of Public Enemies in the summer of 2009. Charm and violence were all part of the 1930s charm . While flapper costumes were still rampant in the early 1930s, skin-tight suits began to take their place. So much glamor on these costumes, with beads, embroidery, feathers and furs.

What’s available – Sexy costumes for women in suits and short skirts are available for women of any size. The pinstripe striped long dresses are in pink and black costume for adults and children. Lastly there are the moll gangster costumes which are skin-tight dresses buttoned down the front.

1. Harry Potter Costumes – Why It’s Hot – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out this summer. Expect more interaction with the female characters as the boys grow up.

What’s available – Hermoine’s costumes will only be Gryffindor robes and his wand which can be found at any costume shop.

Purchase earlier this year or your costume may be out of stock!

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