One of the most popular trends in plush toys is making them jointable. Many plush inventors want their toys to have this feature because they believe this is an added value to the toy. But is it really? The Elmo plush is one of the most popular toys around and is usually non-joint. So why would a toy inventor want to add this feature to their toy?

How can something as simple as being able to pose add value to the already precious toy? It’s easy. Many children like to play make believe. Children of the older generation also play with their toys. So right now, it’s all about making a stuffed animal that they can use for their fantasies. Girls like to use them for their tea parties, and boys like to use them for their “cowboy and Indian” games. The “Tickle Me Elmo” is also a fictional product because they believe that little Elmo is really ticklish.

Nowadays, kids are taking it to the next level with their next generation toys. With the vast number of games out there that can help them, it’s not hard for kids to play believe. This will be your market. You will entertain the children by giving them a soft toy they can play with using their imagination. Of course, you can do this with regular stuffed animal. But it would be easier to do this if you can bend your arms and limbs so that you can pose them according to the demands of your imagination.

So what can you do to make your stuffed animal posable? You actually have a lot of options. You can tuck cables into it and be sure to pad the limbs to make room for the cables. You also have the option of using plastic armor which is most commonly used in dolls. While it’s more complicated, it will actually give your stuffed animal more freedom to pose and stick to that pose. There is also the possibility of making a jointed plush. You will have a toy with arms, legs and head joined together by plastic discs.

Are there any drawbacks to posable soft toys? Imagine an Elmo plush that can be posed for a minute. Sure, it can add value to the toy. But you will give up one of its most important traits: a wonderful feeling. For most plush dolls, you can expect it to be soft, smooth and silky. This is one of its strengths. You can caress it and even hug it and you will feel good right away. If you put in wire, plastic armor, or plastic joints, it will lose these traits. So ask yourself if it’s worth it.

So think carefully about whether you are going to make your soft toy joint. Of course, the ability to pose has its advantages, but make sure the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A good way to check is to study the market for your soft toy. It will give you a better idea if it’s worth making it posable.

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Best Reborns® is a mom-owned and operated, eco inspired and environmentally responsible reborn dolls store. Our mission is to keep our little ones safe and happy while supporting our sustainable fingerprint on the planet.

The whole philosophy of BestReborns is that through lifelike silicone reborn dolls, children and grown-ups can live a life full of love.

Children are gifts to the world, their spirits are filled with innocence and happiness, and all grown-ups were once children. BestReborns always represents pure love.

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