One of Disney’s most classic tales of Princess Cinderella has a lot in common with the newest of Disney princesses. Princess Tiana from the new film, The Princess and the Frog, takes aspects of Princess Cinderella’s exceptional story and gives it a refreshingly modern twist.

Both stories start with hardworking young women. Cinderella is overworked, trying to accommodate the demands of her stepmother, stepsisters and the seemingly endless chores she’s assigned to. The death of her newly remarried father left Cinderella with her new family and she wants to satisfy her father’s desire to be good to her new family.

Similarly, Princess Tiana is also overworked. The story opens with her two works in 1912 in New Orleans. Tiana tries to save money to buy an old sugar mill to create her restaurant, which was part of her father’s dreams. Both girls enter their stories overworked and true to their father’s wishes.

The opportunity for a prom also enters both girls quickly lives, as does prince charming. Cinderella is fascinated by the idea of ​​a prom and she immediately starts working on a dress that is easy to wear. Just before it’s time to leave for the prom, Cinderella’s stepsisters ruin her dress and leave her more chores than she can handle. A fairy godmother intervenes and, bippity-boppity-boo, allows Cinderella to watch the ball in a beautiful blue dress. The prince immediately fell in love with Cinderella.

Unlike the prince in the story of Princess Cinderella, Prince Naveen did not immediately fall in love with Tiana. Tiana was planning on going to the costume party to help us work on it and, after a ruined costume, she felt unable to attend. A friend of hers lent her a tiara and Tiana was able to attend the party dressed as a princess. Confusing her with a real princess, the frog-shaped prince Naveen approaches her.

The Disney princess costumes for these two princesses are incredibly similar. It’s almost like Tiana is dressing up as a Cinderella princess at the prom! Both Disney princesses wore a pastel blue dress with a shaped bodice and a long, full skirt. A Disney princess costume for Cinderella could be used as a disguise for Princess Tiana in the first dance scene. Although the sleeves and accessories of the dresses differ for Disney princesses, it is noteworthy that both girls meet their prince charming and enter the prom scene wearing a similarly shaped pastel blue dress.

Princess Tiana and Princess Cinderella also had a plethora of animal friends. The animals were attracted to Cinderella’s kind and loving nature and became useful friends for her. Children loved the characters of these animals. Once Tiana becomes a frog, she too befriends animals and other unusual beings. The relationship between humans and animals makes these Disney princesses unique.

Despite similar story elements and similar Disney princess costumes, only time will tell if Princess Tiana will reach the epic spot as one of the favorite Disney princesses like Cinderella. Both stories feature elements that will delight children and encourage the value of friendship and a solid work ethic. As the latest Disney Princess, I think we all hope that Princess Tiana lives up to her predecessor, Princess Cinderella.

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