When looking for the right gift to thank a customer, consider a variety of options before spending the money to get the customer’s desired result. Sales professionals and business owners who want help finding the right gift for customers can find the best solution for various situations, such as a corporate gift basket. Many business executives and sales people give gifts to their customers every year as a token of appreciation and as a subtle reminder to think about their organization the next time the customer wants to place a similar order.

The easiest path to gift baskets to take is to get one that someone has already put together. Buying a ready-made gift basket for one on the web is easy and in many department stores during the holiday season. Typical gift baskets that can be purchased include edibles such as candy, cookies, crackers, wine, meat, cheese, and so on. Flower arrangements can also be purchased at a local florist or ordered over the internet at any time. However these gifts disappeared after only a few days. They can be appreciated, but will these gifts be remembered months later when the customer wants to place a new order? Non-seasonal gift baskets are harder to find unless shopping at a specialty store or gourmet store.

While food baskets are nice, a customer can get too many during the holidays or from competitors during the sales cycle. To ensure the keepsake, plan a special gift basket and find someone inside or outside the organization to personalize it and place it in a nice container. If the container is a reusable item for the person receiving the gift basket, then it’s an even better gift as you continue to use it! The company logo elements used in a personalized gift basket are an excellent reminder to the customer every time they are used. These logo items are often practical gifts that will last for months to come. Often these types of gifts include mugs, calendars, clips, magnets, pens, or notebooks with the company name as a donor stamped on it along with the website and possibly a phone number. A miniature gift basket can be made by placing several small items in a mug and then wrapping it in cellophane, tying a bow around the top, and adding a gift certificate or business card. These types of baskets are nice to have and have the desired business reminder look. Customers will often appreciate a gift that is both practical and useful.

For a sales employee who is looking for a meaningful appreciation gift to offer customers during the sales cycle or while shopping for the holiday season, consider something to match the typical company logo element that reminds the customer of the his willingness to help grow the client’s business as well as his own. Business books are often popular with professionals, so they make a great addition to any gift basket. Often a personalized gift basket can be built around the message of the books being considered. There are so many business and improvement books to choose from. When considering the best business book to give as a gift, think about the complaints or concerns the recipient has expressed in the past and look for a title on that topic. The customer will appreciate that their problem has been remembered and that a solution could be provided in the gift. When you thank a book for improving the customer’s business, the message “remember me because I want to help your business grow” is conveyed. This additional message of business help is often received with more gratitude than getting a gift basket on its own. A seller should always include their business card in the book to use as a bookmark. That way, if the book is being distributed to the client company, so are the seller’s name and contact information.

Many business leaders and salespeople give gifts to their customers and clients every year as a thank you for business and as a way to build future relationships. Sales professionals and entrepreneurs who want help finding the right gift to find the best solution for various situations can be a corporate gift basket.

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