Do you come across that dazzling pair of gold earrings that your sweetheart hid in your apple pie? Nice surprise. Find out that one of them is missing? Not so much. Sometimes even the most expensive surprise anniversary gift idea can backfire. When it works the way you planned it, though, their reaction is priceless.

But how is it done? How do you conjure up an anniversary gift idea that fits your partner perfectly without asking him directly “what do you want”? If your answer is “just give it the money”, you better enjoy this anniversary. It could be the last.

Or you might be tempted to throw caution to the wind and go with your gut, but so was the earring guy. Instead, close your eyes, open your ears and shock her, in a good way, with the perfect anniversary gift idea that makes her say “ahhh”.

Show your true colors

On the surface, this is one of the simpler approaches to finding a bespoke anniversary gift idea. Use their favorite color as a starting point. Of course, to do that, you need to KNOW their favorite color first. And for teens, that requires leaving their comfort zone and immersing themselves in a new experience: paying attention.

Color it impressed

Look at her clothes and accessories and notice which shades tend to recur. Is she true to blue? Then a sparkling sapphire bracelet might be ideal.

Or maybe he prefers to go green. Choose a dazzling pair of emerald earrings and await the accolades.

Does she often look pretty in pink? Treat her with a gorgeous pearl necklace that asks the question “how did she know?”

Ladies, the same approach will do wonders for your man, and since you’ve already learned the whole “pay attention” thing, you’re halfway there in your search for an anniversary gift idea.

Maybe it’s an elegant watch with a dial or strap to match your favorite tone, or a classy pair of cufflinks in your favorite color.

Whichever route you take, overcoming your color blindness can offer amazing results in your search for the ultimate anniversary gift idea.

Playing the numbers game

What’s in a number? How about the key to an unforgettable anniversary gift idea and, meanwhile, the heart of your loved one?

Women are often pleasantly surprised when you remember your anniversary; let alone what number it is. Then leave her doubly impressed by pairing the gift with the material traditionally associated with that anniversary year.

Of course, this is easier for some years than for others. Silver for the 25th or pearl for the 30th is pretty simple, but what about the first anniversary and its link to paper? Pass her a pad of notepaper and you may receive a “Dear John” letter in return.

Fortunately, there is also a list of modern gifts for each year to match the traditional ones, probably compiled by the guy who followed the “paper” route.

For example, the first anniversary is also related to watches and it is not too difficult to extend it to watches. What better way to celebrate your first year together than with gorgeous watches for him and her? They are trendy, functional and somewhat suited to the couple who are still learning what each other is doing.

While they won’t admit it, everyone loves a surprise, so incorporating it into your next anniversary gift idea will leave a lasting impression. Free your imagination and dare to be different.

But whatever you do, avoid the “jewels in the cake” approach. Some surprises are too hard to swallow.

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