Whether it’s the holiday season or any other season, if you own a shop or boutique, you’ll need to have something to send your purchases home to. Wholesale gift boxes are a great option because you can buy them in large quantities and pay less for doing so. You should look into the companies that sell them to make sure they are of good quality and actually a better deal than buying them individually.

Before going with wholesale gift boxes, it would be wise to look into them in smaller quantities, so that you can compare the cost this way with the larger quantities. For many things, it is true that more is better. However, with some items, you need to consider how quickly they will be used. Some products may change color over time. This is especially true if they are stored in an area with too much sunlight. If you don’t use them all in one season, they might look outdated or in bad shape for next season. These are things to think about before purchasing hundreds or thousands of these boxes at a time.

It is wise to look at the year before and understand how many you have used during each season of the year. You should buy perhaps fifty to one hundred more than you used the previous year for each season. That way, hopefully it won’t end up having to throw away a lot of them.

If you’re a larger boutique, you might get a new style of bag or box for the holiday season. Keep this in mind as you order. There may be a better option besides a box for each season. If you are considering wholesale gift boxes, you may be better off with a neutral color or just plain white. This way, you can add accents with a more personalized sticker seasonally. This could save you a lot in the long run. White or Kraft boxes should still be stored in a dry, dark area so they do not yellow or fade. You will most likely be able to make them last longer than a more seasonal one. Plus, you can buy more at the same time, which should make the overall purchase less expensive.

Talking in such detail about wholesale gift boxes might seem silly to someone who doesn’t go over two thousand or more a year. For someone like this, considering your options could save you a great deal of money, and saving money today is something that most people who own a business enjoy.

Handcrafted by Artists

There are so many scam websites out there that “sell” reborns dolls and countless other stores such as eBay and Amazon, that sell illegal copies of sculpts. DO NOT buy these! If you love reborns and want to continue to see these works of art, you need to purchase direct from trusted artists and ensure they are authentic kits!

When you purchase a reborn from Best Reborns, you will always be purchasing an authentic sculpt sourced from trusted dealers only. In doing so, we are supporting the very talented sculptors who make it possible for reborn artists, like us, to create these works of art, that you love so much.

Support our industry, sculptors and artist, by only buying authentic.

Make With Love

Best Reborns® is a mom-owned and operated, eco inspired and environmentally responsible reborn dolls store. Our mission is to keep our little ones safe and happy while supporting our sustainable fingerprint on the planet.

The whole philosophy of BestReborns is that through lifelike silicone reborn dolls, children and grown-ups can live a life full of love.

Children are gifts to the world, their spirits are filled with innocence and happiness, and all grown-ups were once children. BestReborns always represents pure love.

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