The first few months of a baby’s life are some of the most crucial times for learning and development. These early experiences smoothly ease your baby into this big world. This is the beginning of the very special bond between mother and child.

Baby massage is fairly new in Britain, but in countries like India it is an important part of a baby’s daily routine. In fact, Indian baby massage is more than that; it’s their way of life. It has long been a tradition in India for thousands of years. After giving birth, a purifying massage is performed on the baby and every day afterwards. And it’s not just mothers who get the massage; older children massage their younger siblings.

So what are the benefits? Well, for starters, develop the baby’s first language which is of tactile cause. But one of its main health benefits as it helps strengthen and regulate their digestive system including the respiratory and circulatory systems. There have been studies with premature babies that have shown that massage strengthens and regulates the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems. This means that every time you massage your baby you are stimulating his immune system which increases your baby’s resistance to disease.

In addition, the massage improves the feeling of being loved and protected and relieves the symptoms of colic, wind and constipation. Greater intimacy with your baby gives you the ability to recognize any changes and potentially contract disease early.

It is not only children who benefit from these experiences, but parents as well. New mothers develop confidence when caring for their baby, it is very therapeutic, which means it is a great form of stress release. It also increases awareness of your baby’s growth and development and improves loving communication between mother and baby which helps parents understand and give the correct response to their baby’s non-verbal language.

If you are struggling with postnatal depression, baby massage could be of great benefit to you as recent research has shown that it helps. Research has also shown that babies who are held, massaged, carried and rocked grow into less aggressive and violent adults with far more compassion and corporation.

Dads often feel left out when a new baby arrives. They may see the strong bond between mother and baby and feel excluded. Well, baby massage is a fantastic role for dads too; brings them closer and offers a great healthy experience and quality time between father and child.

All in all, baby massage is beneficial for the whole family. You can find a class locally that teaches all the basics and then go and practice at home. Or you might like the class because it gets you out of the house and allows you to socialize with other moms. You may find that you like it so much that someday you will want to hold your class. This is possible as there are children’s massage degrees that will teach you everything you need to run your own children’s massage course.

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Best Reborns® is a mom-owned and operated, eco inspired and environmentally responsible reborn dolls store. Our mission is to keep our little ones safe and happy while supporting our sustainable fingerprint on the planet.

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