Millions of new websites, blogs and businesses are created every year. The world is changing at such speed that hardly anyone can keep up to date with everything. There are so many solutions to any problem you have, that standing out from the crowd is slowly becoming the only way to grow your business.

As a “reborn entrepreneur”, I live a life that people can only dream of. Showing this dream, just like James Brausch does, is a way to create fans: he’s creating a nice image for himself, being a relaxed type of entrepreneur. People like what he has achieved and therefore James has become a hit.

But what if you don’t like to brag or have nothing to brag about? So you can go the controversial way. The so-called “Guru Bashing” was once very controversial and those who started it created quite a following for others to relate to. A good example of this is the person called Sam Freedom.

Write your way to success

Writing, or so-called copywriting, is a successful skill. This single skill can do almost anything for you, including selling products, attracting people to work for you, and building a loyal fan base. Master the art of words and you will be successful. And here’s that ingredient that many people lack:

Others should be able to relate to you. By adding your personal story and touch to your writing, people immediately “see” that you are one of them. You have had the same problems and now you have overcome them. This is the way to attract people to you. All those rewritten articles, facts, short informative or promotional blog posts will get you nowhere unless you are related with.

And if you don’t like writing

If you don’t like writing or you just think you can’t, there are many solutions to your problem. But first this: by simply not being able to write perfect English, people can relate to you too. Mike Filsaime always has typos throughout, some people love him for it. I’m not an English wonder myself, but I just do my best.

When you don’t want to write, consider one of the following:

-Record your sales presentations, articles and ideas on Audio and promote them as “Podcasts”.

-Use a couple of sheets and your voice to create a video. (Video Marketing Is Really Effective!)

-Give a ghostwriter to do most of the work for you, while you only add your own personal touch to his or her work.

– Hire a virtual assistant to do the ghostwriter’s job, teaching him to use your personality.

– Get several interns and let them write stuff for you. Educate them about copywriting in exchange for their efforts.

How to get your writing noticed

As a writer you need an audience, a specific audience actually – the one who is most likely to be interested in your stuff. By thinking about who you want to reach, you will quickly get ideas on how to reach them. For some it might be blog comments, forum posts and articles, for others it might be social bookmarking, Web 2.0 communities, or email groups for like-minded people.

Put something interesting out there to draw them into your writing. Don’t post them directly as people will see it as spam. Instead, tease them and entice them to visit your site and read what you have to share.

As a “reborn entrepreneur” he creates fans

The “Reborn Entrepreneur” creates his side of fans simply by being who he is. Overall it’s a bit controversial. But what really sets him apart is that he “gives his talk” and the others see it. Myself, I write reports on starting a successful business. I train, coach and mentor people in achieving their goals by starting a business.

What sets me apart is that I start numerous businesses every year. I show my clients the ideas I have and tell them all about how I set up and start the business, then I launch the product and make it a success. Practice what you preach and you will be 99% ahead of everyone else in your market.

Handcrafted by Artists

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Make With Love

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