Instead of letting your kids watch TV or play games all day, why not introduce some new fun games and activities that will keep them alert? Children will especially love playing with you!

Here are 5 exciting indoor activities you can try with your kids:

Indoor bowling

Young children love to stack things up and drop them, which is why bowling is an ideal game to play! You can easily find a toy bowling set at a store, but you can also choose to make your own.

Here’s what you need:

  • Space to play

  • 10 empty cans

  • Tennis ball (or any toy ball larger than a tennis ball)

  • Scotch tape

  • marker

Create a bowling alley using duct tape. Consider your child’s age and physical abilities to determine how long the ward will be. Arrange the cans at the end of the aisle, then show your kid how to hit them. Keep a scoreboard or change the rules to make the game more fun and competitive!

Building a fort

Children love the idea of ​​having their own “space”. So when you introduce the idea of ​​a fort with them, they’d love to build it as much as they’d like to play in it. Pillow forts are the most popular – all you need are different sized pillows, blankets to stack or to use as “doors”, and some sturdy furniture that will hold the fort together.

You can also build a cardboard fort – you’ll need a few large boxes and simply tape them together to create space to play in (better if you could crawl inside too!). Once you have a fort set up, provide a flashlight and some books to read or play with their favorite toy!

Falling dominoes

This is a simple activity that can have a big positive impact on your child. All you need is a domino set. Start lining up the tiles in whatever pattern you like (let your child decide on the arrangement), then ask him to help you with the stacking.

Once all the tiles are in place, get the camera ready before asking your kid to flip the first one! Voila – instant entertainment!

Obstacle course

As kids we all loved crawling under chairs or climbing tables, so why not make it a fun activity? Create an obstacle course in your home using your furniture and some of your children’s toys.

Run it first to show the children what to do in each part, then give them scores based on how quickly they finish the course. Just pay special attention to ensure the safety of children.

Card games

If you want to do something quieter, play some card games with the little ones. Start with simple, easy-to-teach games that encourage logical reasoning, arrangement skills, and number identification.

Start with classic games like Go Fish, Memory Game (requires 2 decks of cards) or Crazy Eights. Other card games like Uno or Blink would also be ideal.

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