Looking for roly poly toy? Cute and lovely owl shape baby toy can attract your child’s interest in learning while playing, also can be used as a toddler rattle, help the child develop their motor skills. This roly poly toy is made of environmentally friendly and safe material, which is very durable. The cute little bear design and bright colors make your child’s eyes brighter and more energetic to play with doll, roly poly toy material. When your baby is tired of the eyes, just like a real baby, it can accompany her to grow up and move its limbs. This is a brand new baby’s toy with cute design, which will be absolutely ideal for your little toddler to play with. Made from highquality plastic, the doll roly’s body is very durable and can be easily washed with water. This toy is made of plastic, which can be disassembled and cleaned. Suitable for a variety of dolls, like doll, clothes, etc. The doll roly’s body can shake its tail, and make it move around. The baby will twist the cute little ass because of interest, do great body exercises while playing.

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