Looking for hand puppet/soothing doll? This handmade novelty puppet is made of high quality pvc and durable vinyl, which can be washed by hand or in cold water for a few seconds, and then dried out. This is a novelty handmade animal finger puppets, in your children’s entertainment or playroom. Made of rubber that fits all finger puppets. Made of silicone high quality hand puppets. These super soft, cute and lovely hand puppet/soothing doll will be your child’s favorite choice. These cute little monkey puppets are made of soft plush and have a great shape that makes them feel like little monkeys. And this is a great kit for your little one to play with, helps develop handeye coordination and color recognition. The puppets can be used on almost all surfaces, such as wood, glass, metal and plastic. At the same time, made of rubber that fits all finger, puppets can easily hold on to any smooth surface.

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