Parents are torn on the issue of whether to buy baby rattles & mobiles, mainly because they do not know the role of baby rattles, that baby rattles & mobiles have what role? 1, Baby rattles can make sounds, can rotate, can grasp, can shake, very can attract the attention of infants, to promote the development of infant upper limb muscles and hand-eye coordination. 2, Baby rattles bright colors help infants’ early perception of color, prompting faster development of the brain. 3, Baby rattles emit sound can help infants distinguish sound, identify the direction. 4. The geometric three-dimensional figure of the baby rattle can induce the baby’s imagination of space and cultivate creative thinking ability. 5. The baby rattle that can be bitten can also be used as a teether, which can promote the development of the baby’s teeth. 6. Let the baby look, touch, grab, shake, the baby rattle is a good toy to train the baby’s initial vision, hearing and touch. 7. Through hearing, vision and touch, it is an important means for infants to understand and perceive the world.

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